Humpback Whale Fantasy ASMR

Humpback Whale Fantasy ASMR

Everyone loves whales and we have been truly privileged to have numerous in-water encounters with them over the course of the previous year’s journey. You can watch these in our regular episodes. However, there was so much footage that we’ve decided to make a treat for the cetophiles (that’s whale lovers for those who failed high school Greek) in our audience and compile our most relaxing whale footage. This video is purely a compilation of the incredible footage we have shot swimming with these gentle giants.

Humpback Whale - Vanuatu  | Expedition Drenched
Humpback Whale With A Calf | Expedition Drenched
Humpback Whale - Tonga | Expedition Drenched

Humpbacks feed on krill and small schooling fish in the waters around the Polar Regions during the summer months, but migrate to warmer waters during their respective hemispheres’ winters. There, they will either mate or give birth and nurse their young, in the case of pregnant females, before making the arduous return journey to their frigid feeding waters. During this journey, the young are vulnerable to apex predators such as orca and great white sharks.

In Vavau, Tonga, the whales migrate from Antarctic feeding grounds.


 There, we got in the water were able to snorkel and freedive with mothers and their calves. While making our way to Samoa, we were once again graced by them as well as a by a pod of dolphins for an interspecies frolic, while other adults gave us a show by breaching and creating enormous splashes.

So dim the lights, lean back and enjoy these beautiful giants!









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