TOP 10 Most AMAZING DIVE SITES In the South Pacific!

TOP 10 Most AMAZING DIVE SITES In the South Pacific!

Top 10 Most Amazing Diving In The South Pacific! | Expedition Drenched

We dove hundreds of dives, saw thousands of creatures through the South Pacific and as a group we voted and have decided these are our TOP 10 favorite dives

Check out TOP 10 Most AMAZING DIVE SITES In the South Pacific!

10. Leru Cut, Solomon Islands

Situated in the Russell Islands, Solomon Islands, the waters around Leru Cut have been a marine park for the past two decades with healthy corals and diverse marine life. This site, however, does not feature these and is remarkable instead for being a trench cut about 40 meters into Leru Island. What makes it spectacular is the way the light beams down from the surface through the trench all the way to the bottom at around 20 meters. It is possible to surface at the end of the trench and see palm trees located at the top of this crevice! The trench features a variety of crustaceans and the reef around the entrance is scattered with healthy gorgonian fans.

9. Clan McWilliams Wreck, Tonga

After catching fire in port, this ship was dragged to sea and scuttled in approximately 25 meters of water. The wreck is so covered in marine life that it is sometimes difficult to recognize that it once was a ship! The shining point of this site however, is the abundance of moon jellyfish. This species of jellyfish doesn’t sting, and it is possible to swim among them and enjoy the peaceful beauty of their movement. It is also just around the corner from the Swallow Cave dive site.

Upright Wreck - in Nono Lagoon, Solomon Islands. | Expedition Drenched
Leru Cut is located in Leru Island, Russel Island, Solomon | Expedition Drenched
Silver Tip Shark - Pacific Harbour - Fji | Expedition Drenched

8. Custom Shark Cave, Solomon Islands

Located near the island of Munda, we needed to hike through the jungle to find the entrance to this magical cave. The cave system winds through the islands and opens into a stunning wall reef worth a visit of its own!

7. Poor Knights, New Zealand

The North Island’s Tutukaka Coast boasts this stunning site, where you can see many large species of fish like trevally, kingfish, stingrays and blue mau maus swimming amongst the swaying kelp.

6. White Wall, Fiji

Fiji’s rarely visited far north’s White Wall gets its name from the fluffy white soft coral growing all over the reef. The tops out at 20 meters and the crystal clear waters give you the impression of skydiving onto a cloud during your descent! This is a great site to see small stuff like nudibranchs, but it’s also possible to spot the occasional larger fish like sharks.

5. Toa Maru, Solomon Islands

The Toa Maru was a Japanese transport ship whose captain rammed it ashore after being torpedoed by an American submarine. Over 120 meters in length, the wreck’s cargo holds contain sake bottles, ink wells, motorcycles, tanks, and ammunition! After spending more than seven decades underwater, the top side of the wreck has been completely colonized by corals, rendering it unrecognizable as a ship from the surface!

4. Mervin’s Garden, Solomon Islands

The site is named for Mervin, who owns two nearby islands being developed into a divers’ retreat. As a wall dive covered in gorgonian fans, it is a great site for spotting pygmy seahorses, lionfish and numerous clownfish species. Mervin’s Garden is also one of our top 10 anchorages of the past year!

3. President Coolidge Wreck, Vanuatu

The main entrance to the port of Luganville was mined during World War II. Unfortunately, no one informed the crew of the SS President Coolidge and it struck a mine when coming to port. After being rammed ashore and stripped of its cargo, the ship sank onto its side into approximately 50 meters of water. Being such a massive ship, the top of the wreck is around five meters from the surface! Due to its size, the Coolidge requires multiple dives to completely survey. The insides of the wreck still contain some of its cargo, including ammunition and external fuel tanks for long range fighter plane missions, but the piece de resistance of the ship is The Lady, an ornamental statue remaining from the Coolidge’s first life as a luxury ocean liner.

2. Bull Shark Dive, Fiji

After hunting bull sharks for decades, the residents of Pacific Harbor, Fiji, realized that rather than being competition for fish, bull sharks were a prime attraction for scuba tourists. This dive simply consists of you dropping to the bottom, hiding behind a wall, and observing (and taking images of) dozens of fully grown, chunky bull sharks!

1. Vertical Wreck, Solomon Islands

After hitting a reef on her maiden voyage, this Japanese fishing boat sank when she was pulled off the reef and landed vertically on the seabed, bow up, with the keel resting on the reef wall. The top of the wreck is only 2 meters from the surface, and the stern rests at a depth of 40 meters. The site features abundant macro life like nudibranchs and long nosed hawkfish. Its isolation and obscurity effectively turned it into our private dive site and this combined with its fantastic anchorage make it Expedition Drenched’s number one dive site in the South Pacific!






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