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So far on Expedition Drenched, we’ve sailed tens of thousands of nautical miles in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
If you’ve ever left something in the ocean for any length of time, you’ll notice that marine organisms start to grow on it. This is great in the case of shipwrecks and artificial reefs, but is undesirable when it comes to boats and other equipment. Algae, barnacles, and tubeworms are the most common culprits, and they drastically increase the drag of a vessel. This results in reduced speed AND increased fuel consumption. For this reason, we decided to use Coppercoat on the Sylfia’s hull and it’s become another brand we love!

Needless to say, antifoul treatment is a must for any ocean going boat’s hull. Having anti-foul coating on your boat is just like having strong enamel on your teeth: a nice smooth surface is more difficult for grime and microorganisms to hook onto and therefore stays cleaner. Anti-foul treatment is obviously essential to our expedition’s success.

Normal anti-foul is really bad for the environment. Not only does it consist of toxic chemicals, it tends to flake off over time (three years on average). These flakes go into fragile marine ecosystems and end up poisoning them, which goes against our founding principles at Expedition Drenched.

The anti-foul treatment process is time and money consuming. The boat being treated needs to be completely removed from the water, the hull needs to have any previous treatments sanded off and then be given time to dry before a new coat can be applied. The toxic fumes produced by the application process are hazardous to anyone in the vicinity of the boat so of course personal protective equipment is a must. Once a coat has been applied, it must be allowed to dry out before adding additional coatings. This requires additional time out of the water depending on weather conditions. Boats the size of the Sylfia typically require the use of professional dry docks for this type of work and these expenses can add up quickly

As a cost and eco-conscious operation, we’ve decided to use Coppercoat for our hull treatments. Coppercoat provides solutions to or reduces the severity of the most of the issues mentioned before. As Coppercoat is made of copper suspended in epoxy, it is less toxic than traditional anti-fowl treatments. What’s more, it is rated to last up to 10 years as opposed to the 3 years of conventional anti-fowl coatings. This means that less antifoul gets into the water, which is better for the marine environment, while reduced frequency of treatments helps our wallet and keeps us in the water making more videos for you to binge on!

After having used Coppercoat for over 9 months, we are extremely happy with the results. After being somewhat less than consistent in our hull cleaning schedule, we were pleasantly surprised to find virtually no barnacles on our hull during our regularly scheduled dry-docking!

Coppercoat  | Expedition Drenched

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