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We’ve just started using Sharkskin garments to keep warm and they have been a game changer for us. Sharkskin has been making innovative exposure protection and apparel for various watersports for around a decade. Manufactured in Australia and using state of the art materials, Sharkskin products dry off really quickly meaning we can keep wearing them between dives on cool days without catching a chill. Our Rapid Dry rash guards look great keeping the sun off us when surfing or hanging on deck and we just love diving in our Chillproofs when the water temperature drops.


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SharkSkin Chillproof

Many of us have decided to ditch our traditional neoprene wetsuits after getting our hands on some Chillproof tops and suits.

These garments provide about the same exposure protection as a 3mm wetsuit, but with many advantages. The inner lining wicks water away from our skin when we’re out of the water, so we can keep our suits on after getting out of the water and not catch a chill. The materials are also way more flexible than neoprene as well, so anyone who’s packed on a few pounds after a little too much time ashore won’t feel like they’re squeezing into a sausage casing!

Chillproof garments are also neutrally buoyant, so we don’t need to wear as much lead weight when diving. They don’t contain bubbles like neoprene, making adjusting our buoyancy on deeper dives much simpler.

There are so many kinds of Chillproof garments too! Some of us like to wear hooded jackets when lounging on the deck, while others prefer a wetsuit-style onesie.

SharkSkin Rapid Dry

All of us on the Sylfia love surface watersports like snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. We typically wear rash guards to protect our skin from sunburn, surf rash, jellyfish, and more.

Rapid Dry rashies have really turned into a game changer for us. Unlike typical lycra rash guards, which absorb water, Rapid Dry fabric is actually water resistant. You can witness this by pouring a glass of water on it and watch the liquid bead away.

Rapid Drys also have a looser cut than a typical rashie. They can be worn like an everyday long or short sleeve t-shirt.

The upshot of all this is that we can simply live in our Rapid Drys and not need to change our clothes throughout a day’s diving, deck work, image editing, snorkeling, eating, hiking... You get the idea!


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