Sylfia's Cookbook

So after a year of collecting different recipes, we are happy to present our first Sylfia’s cookbook!

The advantage of living on a boat with a 6-12 international crew is that you try a variety of different dishes, spices, flavors that you’ve never tried
before. Each person has their own twist when cooking, even if people haven’t cooked before. Just the idea of making everyone happy with your food brings a challenge and spark you never thought you had. Everybody ends up checking recipes and trying new things.

When cooking off-grid, you’re usually limited to the supplies you have onboard.. mostly dried food, cans, jars with little or no ability to purchase more. But instead of it being a negative thing, we try to convert it into a boost of creativity.

So, this is the collection of our favorite recipes from our international crew. It is a work in progress because we will still be adding new recipes that we love and discover.



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