Sailing New Zealand

New Zealand! Where began our sailing and scuba diving adventure.

We are so excited and proud to introduce you to our new floating home Sylfia. It was a long road for us to reach this point, but we couldn't be more stoked to be here chasing after our wildest dreams.

Follow us as we prepare our 75-foot steel expedition ship and our international crew to sail from New Zealand to Tonga. Immerse yourself deeply in the fantastic underwater world, discover incredible creatures and places, and explore diving around the globe with us.


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Does your soul yearn for something more?

Something raw, Your inner journey is your own, we hope you make the most of your time on board, we hope it is truly a life changing experience for you.

Expedition is an Marine Educational Non-Profit 501c3 we rely on donations from our supporters to fund our mission to document, film and bring to light conservation issues and drive an sustainable spirit through our content.

We will be bringing on board Donors who support our cause as often as we can. The nice thing about having a ship that sleeps up to 16 is that we have the room it's more of a logistics issue knowing exactly where we will be and when for your arrival.

We Are 100% Funded By You! Donate Through PayPal Now!


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Where are we now?

Our office is the sea that covers approximately 361 million km2, 71% of the Earth's surface. There are plenty of places to discover and explore. Check out where we are now, and If you love scuba, sailing, travel, adventure, exploration, conservation, and all things aquatic, we really hope you will continue to follow us on our journey.

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