Expedition Drenched, Season 2 - Australia

The Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays, white sand, blue water, and open ocean - that’s what Expedition Drenched Season 2 is all about. We sail from Cairnes to Darwin and back again, living the ocean-loving pirate life that the crew of the Sylfia loves so much.

From the hugely colorful and diverse coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, to the sunken playgrounds of historic battleship wrecks, to a new underwater museum installation - we’re going to experience it all!

We hope that our Season 2 adventures make a real splash and help carry the ripples of marine conservation out to as many people as possible. Let’s go blow some bubbles!


Eagle Ray Legging | Expedition Drenched
The Sea Water Bottle | Expedition Drenched



Does your soul yearn for something more? Something raw, Your inner journey is your own, we hope you make the most of your time on board, we hope it is truly a life changing experience for you.

Expedition is an Marine Educational Non-Profit 501c3 we rely on donations from our supporters to fund our mission to document, film and bring to light conservation issues and drive an sustainable spirit through our content.

We will be bringing on board Donors who support our cause as often as we can. The nice thing about having a ship that sleeps up to 16 is that we have the room it's more of a logistics issue knowing exactly where we will be and when for your arrival.

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Our office is the sea that covers approximately 361 million km2, 71% of the Earth's surface. There are plenty of places to discover and explore. Check out where we are now, and If you love scuba, sailing, travel, adventure, exploration, conservation, and all things aquatic, we really hope you will continue to follow us on our journey.

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