We organize conferences and meetups all around the globe as often as we can. But, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, we only have meetups planned in Australia at the moment.

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We will be organizing meet ups as often as we can. Our Donors will get first notice of meet ups but if their is still plenty of space (and their should be) we will open it up to our viewers.

Our Meets ups will look like the following:
Everyone books accommodations either at the resort or on their own nearby,
Each day you will have your choice of the following.
• Day Sail onboard Sylfia
• Scuba Diving from our Dive tender
• Land Mission for some adventure

You pick what activity you want to do.
If you want to be the first to hear about a Meet Up opportunity fill out the form below.

Thank you!

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Where are we now?

Our office is the sea that covers approximately 361 million km2, 71% of the Earth's surface. There are plenty of places to discover and explore. Check out where we are now, and If you love scuba, sailing, travel, adventure, exploration, conservation, and all things aquatic, we really hope you will continue to follow us on our journey.

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