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Sylfia's Crew Season 1

We've had dozens of Crew from all over the world contribute to our Project.
Here are the many faces that have become part of the Expedition Drenched Family.

Jordan - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Jordan is smart as a whip. She can learn everything simply by watching a video or someone doing it. Which makes her proficient in everything she puts her mind to. She’s funny, and she loves to dance and travel.

Jordan, born in the Midwest USA, started solo traveling at the age of 22. She traveled to 17 countries backpacking for 7 years. She became a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver in Malaysia and then a PADI Dive Instructor in Zanzibar, Africa.

She eventually landed in Maui, Hawaii, where she met Nate while working at the same dive shop. Together, they began a transition from teaching into underwater videography, where they eventually started a business making commercials for dive shops.

They traveled the world for several years before living on Sylfia together.

They have gone their separate ways but are still good friends. And Jordan continues her passion for diving and underwater videography.

You can find her work on her Instagram.

Nerea - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Nerea is a free spirit, and she loves to sing random karaoke at 7 am. She’s loyal to her friends and extremely driven putting everything she has into the project in front of her.
Nerea had a career as a school teacher for many years back home, but she studied multiple degrees at Uni, like media and communication. As a child, she dreamt of becoming a National Geographic documentarist!

In the end, she focused on her teaching career, working for about 8 years. She loved the challenge of teaching children but also enjoyed traveling to different countries any break she had. She knew that she wanted to travel the world and work in other countries and communities.

When she got a scholarship to work in New Zealand as a teacher for a year, she knew she was a step forward from making her dream come true. They started traveling by boat in Fiji, but when they decided to travel to Tonga for whale season, their fate called them. They saw Sylfia pull into the harbor as we arrived and knew they must change plans and choose a new adventure. That was 2 years ago. She enjoys her unique skills as a filmmaker and editor now and feels she still has a role in teaching, just in a different way, to a diverse audience.


Aitor - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Aitor is obnoxiously smart, don’t bother giving him a random fact...he somehow already knows a bit of it, more than anyone probably should. He is constantly learning and improving himself. He’s also a very calm and warming person who everybody loves, and where every conversation ends with you feeling good.
Aitor grew up in a small coastal village in the Basque Country known as Ea.
He studied chemical and environmental engineering at University.
He always had an adventurous spirit and wanted to give back to his community, volunteering for years in youth programs. He also wanted to give back to his village, so he started up an Adventure company that translates to “At the lee of the wind,” focusing on getting children and adults to expand their adventurous side and to put the screen down.
“At the lee of the wind” has everything from Hiking, Coasteering, Kayaking to Even a Full side business that focused on Scuba Diving with their own boat.
Aitor & Nerea also wanted to expand their adventurous spirit, so they decided to go to the land of adventure, New Zealand, and start traveling the world together.
Nerea & Aitor has been together for 7 years. Their adventurous background, in addition to their skills (editing, engineering & love of teaching). It makes them a prominent power couple and essential members of the project.

Molly - Season 1| Expedition Drenched

Molly, our pixie, came as a bucket of sunshine to Sylfia. She was the first crew member we had and we knew straight away she will fit in just fine.

At her young age, she already studied Film Making at University and has been an aspiring photographer & filmmaker for years, making commercials for companies.

Her passion for the art & her speed of editing made her an obvious choice for crew with us, in fact, she continues to help and edit videos for the project.

Her other passions include surfing and rock climbing. The latter being her new calling as she has started a YouTube channel focusing on her adventures climbing the very best rocks in Australia.

Chloe - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Chloe is a very cheerful and engaging person to talk with, asks lots of questions, she loses things very easily, and seems to be very forgetful, it’s part of her charm that we love. She is always smiling and positive, a good person to be around with. 

Chloe studied Communication and Public relationships in Brussels. She did her internship in the Embassy of Belgium in Chile but she knew she wanted to travel the world and always had a passion for filming and photography. So she worked hard during her studying years to be able to start her new adventure with Will. Now they are in Indonesia doing what they love!

Maybe you didn’t know, but she can speak 4 languages: Flemish, French, English, and Spanish! And she is learning Bahasa right now!

Will - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Will is smart and focused. He has a calm demeanor and is a very motivated person always reading, studying, and improving himself.

Will studied environmental science at the university, but his true passion has always been photography and community work. He loves to travel solo and connect with the locals, capturing the essence of different places and their people. He is a bit of a tinkerer and loves coming up with unique ways of solving small problems that drive the crew crazy.

The couple loves to tell a story through the lens, and they make a great team! Since they left the boat, they have been enjoying their lives in Indonesia!

Oceane - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Our little croissant, Don’t let her age fool you, she has a lot of wisdom and power behind her eyes and she’s not afraid to remind you of that. 

Oceane has always had a passion for sailing, so at a young age, she became a sailing instructor teaching people how to sail on small yachts. But eventually wanted to cross oceans.

She aspires to be a boat builder, to build her own boat, and travel the world in a homemade floating wooden gypsy camp. She is currently apprenticing as a boat builder in France to do exactly that.

Amir - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Amir is a musician, when he wasn’t playing his flutes he was making light-hearted banter on board. He brought with him his love of Israel food which is still a staple in our diet today such as homemade Hummus & Shakshuka. He loves to Climb and currently works in Israel doing just that. Climbing buildings to fix things.


Lindsay - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Lindsay is sassy & sarcastic but also sweet and a good listener.

Lindsay is an Electrician by trade; he worked in the mines of Australia for years taking breaks for diving in between in Indonesia. He followed his passion for diving and became a Dive Master, and now has many Tech-Diving certifications under his belt.

He helped a lot with Sylfia’s initial power upgrade to make her an editing studio.

He continues to follow his passion for diving in the Gili Islands, Indonesia.


Brett is calm, cool, and collective, at first seems a bit shy, but he’s just sussing you out. A big teddy bear at heart.

Brett grew up on a farm north of Adelaide, his upbringing gave him knowledge of small engine mechanics and how to fix things. He loves to adventure, rock climbing, surfing & scuba diving are his main hobbies.

He now lives the quiet life in a surf town in South Australia, raising chickens, surfing, and doing farm work.

Emilie - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Emilie is smart and sharp, not afraid to tell the truth you may not want to hear, she has an enormous infectious smile and warm eyes.

Emilie studied in Law at the age of 19, and worked for the Ministry of Justice in Canada since she was 23! She traveled a lot in her twenties and loved scuba diving, so she will always holiday in scuba locations. On one of these Holiday places, Dominica, she ran into Nate and Jordan.

6 months later she joined as the crew of Sylfia for the ultimate dive trip.

Dee - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Dee would give anyone the shirt off her back, she’s a hard worker and has a lifetime of skills and knowledge behind her that always surprised the crew.

Dee always had a love of the ocean, she became a dive instructor in the early days of diving before the PADI took over as the industry standard.

Her future husband thought that she was hot so he decided to take up diving to get to know her. Together they raised 4 children, their second oldest being Nate.

They often traveled to dive destinations and it became a family requirement. As we all have a passion for it.

Peanut - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Peanut is playful, loves her naps almost as much as she loves her snacks she loves giving people little piggy massages.

Peanut was born in a small village on Tana island, as fate would have she met a group of salty sailors one day who adopted her, she learned to swim, sit and do kisses as well as many other tricks, She loves to go on runs, even though the city and is the best-behaved piggy.

She currently lives in the Solomon Islands with a family that loves her dearly.

Phillip - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Philip is a bit quiet at first but once you break through that good luck getting him to slow down as he is full of fast-paced banter and energy.

Phillip studied Nursing in school and worked in that field for a couple of years. When he wasn’t working he was climbing, eventually bumping into Molly and sharing their passion for climbing together, he still picks up nursing jobs from time to time but really focuses on living the nomadic life in a camper van with Molly, where they seek out the best rocks in Australia to climb.

For their next adventure, they are looking to purchase a boat in England soon enough!

John - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

John is a very inviting and giving person, he loves to learn from new people and cultures and share that knowledge with his family to open their eyes to the big world beyond the sea.

John was born in the same village that he is now the chief of, his little family cares for the land, making a garden and fishing to survive, John has always had a love for boats and also for visitors. He has become a famous and influential person to sailors who land on his shores. He has crewed with SV Delos when they visited, he has installed mooring balls out front of his village, has started a yearly Yacht Festival in his bay which is recognized as a tourism event in Solomon’s, and has begun work to make a holiday house in his village for visitors to stay that can not come by sailboat.

Patrick - Season 1 | Expedition Drenched

Patrick is energetic, full of life and personality, He’s always planning his next 3 adventures.
 Patrick is Nate’s long-time friend from back home.

He studied to become a Paramedic/Firefighter.

Loves adventure which has taken him to some pretty extreme places including Antarctica.

He’s really into canyoneering, mountain biking, and skiing so being based in Utah is perfect for him.

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