Expedition Drenched Season 3

Sylfia's Crew Season 3

The Expedition Drenched Crew is a group of ocean and adventure enthusiasts that board the Sylfia as strangers mostly but quickly become a family of sailors. We’ve had a few different crews over the years but each crew member is still in our hearts and compasses. And often on our phones since we keep in touch with each other.

The Expedition Drenched Season 3 Crew is a mixture of ten of some of the sunniest, caring, and intelligent people we’ve ever had the pleasure of welcoming on board. Like past seasons, our new crew members are delightfully international and bring with them a huge variety of skills and experiences.

Let’s get to know the Expedition Drenched Crew a little better, shall we?

Season 3 Crew - Nate | Expedition Drenched
Who: Crazy captain Nate from Utah USA
Occupation: Scuba dude extraordinaire (Studied Business and Marketing)
Hobbies: Adrenaline junkie, sailing, skydiving, dancing,
Fun Facts: If you loose Nate on a night out you will find him on the dance floor,He has a secret talent in aerial silks, Was a DJ at a bar he owned in the states,Last to go to bed and first one up,You will be his favourite if you braid is hair, Worked in a zoo cleaning out polar bare tanks, He loves wearing cat leggings dancing too wrecking ball ,Obsessed with cleaning his ears out, Dive instructor and done over 4000 dives
Strengths: Makes the best vegan cheese,Handles stressful situations very calmly,Extremely creative mind, generous personally and always giving. Open minded. Pays attention to the small details and is considerate of others, very aware of people and their energies, very ambitious, will succeed at anything he puts his mind too. Always patient with crew
Cons: Is the messy person on the boat, hates washing up the dishes and always looses his wallet. Is useless when he’s hungover
Season 3 Crew - Esti | Expedition Drenched
Who: ESTI Fiery Spanish dancer from the Basque Country.
Occupation: Dive instructor who studied tourism.
Hobbies: Diving, dancing, socialising, surfing and traveling around the world.
Fun Facts: Thinks clothes should be optional, has lived in Australia for four years, extremely photogenic and she knows it. Will dance salsa all day if she could and worked with whale sharks in the Ningaloo Reef.
Strengths: Enthusiastic diving instructor, has so much love to give, brings sunshine and happiness everywhere she goes. She is a child at heart, engergetic, loud bubbly, full of fire, loves yoga, meditating and gives the best hugs.
Cons: Takes forever to get ready when we go out, beware….do not interrupt her while she is meditating and make sure you gives her morning cuddles to keep her happy.
Season 3 Crew - Gloria | Expedition Drenched
Who: GLORIA Boat Mumma G from Ballina NSW
Occupation: Coxswain /Social worker /Pirate Wench
Hobbies: Surfing, diving, skating, sailing, hiking and traveling around in her van
Fun Facts: was born in New Zealand, loves night sailing in her undies, Hidden talent - skating boarding, she’s the boat mum who knows where everything is, she worked on the great white shark cage diving boats, swam with sea lions for a job, pretends to read books, doing her dive masters, can make a mean chai latte, Fantasises about vikings
Strengths: Loud contagious laugh that you can hear from miles away, Outgoing and friendly, loves teaching others about all things on sail boats, early riser and first smile you see of the day.
Cons: She apparently snores, drinks too much wine, looks better in your bikini top so don't let her try it on.


Season 3 Crew - Tom | Expedition Drenched
Who: TOM Mysterious stud from New Zealand.
Occupation: Surveyor/Remote pilot.
Hobbies: Loves all things wind related like sailing and kitesurfing and is an amazing photographer. New diver who found his love for scuba on Sylfia. Camping and Hiking
Fun Facts: Grew up on the Sunshine Coast, is 23 years old going on 50, he claims to be able to play the saxophone (yet to be proven). Can pull a mermaid tail off.
Strengths: Cool, calm and collective; great photographer and drone pilot, extremely experienced sailor and is great at teaching others. Humble and charismatic.
Cons: Has weirdly shaped feet, very hairy guy, will eat all the left overs in the fridge and is known to steal your snacks.
Season 3 Crew - Molly | Expedition Drenched
Who: MOLLY Free spirit sailor from England.
Occupation: Outdoor Photographer and Editor/Filmmaker.
Hobbies: Obsessed with surfing and enjoys diving. She is an experienced sailor who also rock climbs, camps and adventures around the world.
Fun Facts: Sylfia’s first crew member, was a competitive swimmer, sleeps with her surfboard, squeals when she sees food and can play guitar and sing really well.
Strengths: Creative and extremely talented at sketching. Calm and peaceful personality, grounded and confident in who she is, loves nature and would never spend a day inside if she doesn’t have to.
Cons: Gets seasick, always in a battle with her hair, spends way too much of her time watching Harry Potter.
Season 3 Crew - Phil | Expedition Drenched
Who: PHIL Lovely long hair, rock kisser from Brisbane Australia.
Occupation: Professional Nurse.
Hobbies: Loves rock climbing, camping and anything outdoors. He recently found his love for the ocean and he took up surfing, sailing and free diving.
Fun Facts: Lived in a van for four years, dove with a great white shark without a cage.
Strengths: Good problem solver and great teacher, quiet and calm by nature and makes a killer bread. He is intelligent, creative, honest and fun! always keen for s surf or adventure. And most of all, loves Molly.
Cons: Eats as much food as a small village and beware of him before his morning coffee.
Season 3 Crew - Amy | Expedition Drenched
Who: AMY Pocket Rocket from South Africa
Occupation: Dive instructor and editor
Hobbies: Likes adventures, traveling, diving Learning new things and good at anything she puts her minds to. she's a active person that loves wakeboarding and surfing.
Fun Facts: Born in South Africa grew up in England and Australia, been on Sylfia for 1.5 years, People always pick her up and she hates it, Night owl, 4'10 but thinks she’s 7 ft. tall
Strengths: great cook Loves mi goreng, Loves a night dive, great editor, always keen for a good time, extremely intelligent and will always smash anything she puts her mind to, relatable and easy going , determined to do great things in life
Cons: Makes up for her hight with her sassiness, Don't expect to see her before 11am, Pees with the door open.
Season 3 Crew - Ricky | Expedition Drenched
Who: Ricky Ricardo from Mexico.
Ricky is basically from Mexico City and grew up in Texas.
Occupation: Civil Engineer.
Hobbies: Eating tacos, diving, socialising with friends, amateur of motivational speaking.
Fun Facts: Can make a great hollandaise sauce, eats Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon and got slapped in the arse by a great white shark. His tinder profile says he used to work in a zoo (but he didn’t) and he eats everything with chop sticks. He recently became a Dive Master on Sylfia.
Strengths: Always up for a good time, friendly, inclusive and always makes you happy. He is a very positive person who will always be there for a heart to heart conversation. Always up for a night dive and knows a fair amount of fish ID.
Cons: Hits his head all around the boat most days, deserves demerit points for driving the dinghy and always has toothpaste on his mouth.
Season 3 Crew - Tiff | Expedition Drenched
Tiff - (Tiani)
Who: Nudibrank Queen from Melbourne
Occupation: She did Bachelor in psychology and asters in marine biology.
Hobbies: Diving, Underwater photographing, learning to surf, free diving, Art and music.
Fun Facts: She recently changed her Name Tiani (and we LOVE it) , Can be a introvert and a extrovert she is a Diver master and loves the ocean, used to be a tennis coach, nerd about fish, she can rap like Eminem.
Strengths: Contagious laugh, Calm and peaceful personality, great at creative writing and blogs, good at underwater photograpy , can blow bubble rights like a master, plays guitar, sings and writes songs
Cons: She is in most of the bloopers on the episodes, also is a harry potter nerd, is too nice all the time


Season 3 Crew - Manu | Expedition Drenched
Who: MANU The Italian Stallion from South Tyrol in Italy.
Occupation: Boilermaker and welder.
Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, new to diving, loves fitness and always finds a way to workout on the boat.
Fun Facts: Youngest crew member, comes from Italy but speaks German. Everyone calls him “the muscles” on the boat, he is mature for his age and grew up in the mountains so ocean life is completely new to him. He saw whales and dolphins for the first time on the Sylfia and cycled from one side of New Zealand to the other.
Strengths: Always has a huge smile on his face, he’s smart and wise, enthusiastic about life and lots of fun. Incredibly good at picking up new tasks and determined at anything he puts his mind on.
Cons: Terrible cook but makes a great pasta and likes teasing people. Brushes his teeth too many times per day.

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